Press Release: Hometown Harrow & Colchester South Shop Local

Press Release: Hometown Harrow & Colchester South Shop Local May 11, 2022

The Harrow and Colchester South Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a Shop Local promotion beginning June 1 and running through 2022, under the tagline Hometown Harrow & Colchester South. All Chamber members are invited to participate. Participating businesses will display a Shop Local poster.

The format of the promotion is simple:

1. Every shopper who spends at least $50 (including HST) at a participating Chamber member business is eligible to fill out one entry form for the next monthly draw and deposit it in a small entry box at the cash register/checkout.

2. The shopper who spends multiples of $50 will receive an additional form(s) (for example: she spends $156.43 and receives 3 entry forms).

3. The Chamber will collect all the entry forms from all participating businesses before noon on the last Thursday of each month. Subsequent entries that month, if any, will be part of the next monthly draw.

4. The Chamber will put all the entry forms together and conduct draws each month for two prizes at the Harrow Legion that same day. Each prize will be a $50 gift certificate from the participating business chosen by the winner.

5. The Chamber will then contact the two winners and arrange for them each to receive their prize.

6. Winners will be announced on the Chamber’s website and Facebook.

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